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Summer Holidays in Poland - Malbork Gothic Castle

The Castle in Malbork was built in Prussia by the Teutonic Order, a German Roman Catholic religious order, as an Ordensburg. The Order named it Marienburg, literally "Mary's Castle". The town which grew around it was also named Marienburg, and since 1945 it is known as Malbork.

The castle is a classic example of a medieval fortress, and is the world’s largest brick gothic castle. UNESCO listed the castle and its museum as World Heritage Sites in December 1997 as Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork. It is one of two World Heritage Sites in the region with origins in the Teutonic Order. The other is the Medieval Town of Toruń, founded in 1231 as the site of the castle Thorn. (history info from wikipedia ... more here)

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Malbork Castle Tours / Services / Re-enactments

Meetings with the living history in the Malbork castle

Currently, we can offer you the following:

Trial to Prosecute those accused of Witchcraft

  • meeting with the Tribunal Judge (clarification of the grounds of accusation)
  • casting the actors from among the public (two women accused of witchcraft and
    executioner – hangman’s assistant)
  • the trial with ‘torture’ (enforcement to confess)
  • ‘execution of the penalty’ with use of tools which were used as props at the set of movie ‘Wiedźmin’
  • the final speech of the Tribunal Judge (explanation of the causes of witchcraft trials and their senslessness)
  • plebeian amusements (shooting a bow, javelin throwing, trying on a corselets)

Price: 3500PLN (but might vary, depending on number of guests)

Sword and Cross Epoque:

  • meeting with the Great Master
  • shot from a harquebus to welcome the guests
  • old days dances performed by servant maids
  • show with performance of a knight, a squire and a lady selected from among the public
  • knights match with use of a medieval weapons
  • plebeian amusements

Price: 3500PLN (but might vary, depending on number of guests)

Times of the Robe, Sword, Sable and Rapier

  • guests are greeted by Swedish Musketeer Rota of his majesty Gustav Adolf and Armored Division of Polish Husaria Cavalry of his majesty John III Sobieski
  • guests are recruited to the swedish army, musketeer and piquier training
  • recruitment to the Husaria formation – the tryout of sword and sabre
  • XVII-th century style amusement
  • knights fight useing the original XVII-th century weapon

Price: 3500PLN (but might vary, depending on number of guests)

Marriage with a Courtly Entourage and/or Knights visit during the Wedding

“After a probation in the Order of the st. Mary’s Hospital, which lasted for almost a year – one of the knights decided to runaway from the convent just before the ceremony.

The Great Master had sent a patrol, which eventually came across fugitive’s trace. The truth was revealed – he despised the convent life and is preparing to marry a woman. The Great Master is planning to claim to the promises made….and probably, he’s going to face you at wedding.”

Scenario of each entourage and visit is prepared individually, according to the wishes of the Newlyweds or other person reserving the service.

Price: 3500PLN (but might vary, depending on number of guests)

Knights Night in the Castle

A group of guests arrive to the Malbork’s castle. By the main gates they meet the Great Commander and in His company start the wander across the castle finding out its greatest mysteries.

It is the middle of the night, silence all around is overwhelming, but suddenly – raised voices break the peace. There is no doubt that knights are fighting over something …

... and this is how the meeting with living history starts. The wander across the halls and chambers has it end in a gothic basement full of astonishing food and medieval surprises – it is just the beginning of the night-long amusement.

This option is certainly recommended to a demanding customer. Individual scenario is delivered all the way with a fine menu – the mixture that can not be easily forgotten.

Price: 3500PLN (but might vary, depending on number of guests)


  • Medieval Concert ... we can arrange a concert of a band playing in an medieval based genre. 2 hours of playing during the feast costs approximately 3500PLN.
  • Celtic Harp Concert ... lasting 2 hours costs 4000PLN (the price depends on the fact that there are only about 10 celtic harpists in Poland)
  • Cruises on the Nogat river (20 people per cruise) ... commonly, cruise takes about 2 hours. The price is 25PLN for a person. There is also a possibility to organize a lunch, dinner or even a breakfast on the board.
  • Gothic Café & Restaurant Culinary Academy ... this unique form of enjoying the free time in the Malbork’s castle. All the guests together, under the supervisory of our Chef, are preparing the dinner taking great medieval feasts as an example. All the recipes are inspired by the Great Masters cuisine. For example – rice pudding on an almond milk with carmelized almond flakes.
    Classes last for 4 hours and in the end everyone feast together, enjoying their own dishes. The group should count 12 people and the price for person is 250PLN
  • Gregorian Choir ... in the tautonic times, each feast started with guests washing over their hands. In close-up, there were barefoot dancers approaching every guest with bowls full of water and special herbs. In the meantime, dancers sings in latin an original, ritual song.
    Price - 1000PLN for a 30-40min show.
  • Chopin concerts in the Waplewo Palace ... Sierakowski palace was in the hands of his family since 1759, until the start of the World War-II. Throughout all those centuries, owners cultivated there the tradition of Polish culture and the palace itself was often called “the Pomeranian Soplicowo”. Since 2006, the palace is managed by the National Museum in Gdańsk (the division of the Museum of the Nobility Tradition) and now Chopin’s music came back to the amazing interiors of the Waplewo palace. Each year since 2007 there is a wide range of events concerning Chopin’s creations. All concerts are organized by the Gdansk’s Chopin Association, with the cooperation of the National Museum in Gdansk and the governors of the Stary Targ commune. Price - POA







Malbork Castle Gothic Restaurant and Cafe

Malbork Gothic Cafe and Restaurant takes you back to the splendor times of Malbork's Castle by offering a special menu, service and music. Fusion of an age-old tradition and modernity gives our interior the unique atmosphere and elegance. You will find us inside of the beautiful Teutonic Castle, in the eastern wing of the Middle Castle, where originally the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order hosted he's most important guests. Today, we desire to host You in our restaurant.

Dishes, which we serve in our gothic interior, owing to the original combination of varied international cuisine and elements of traditional medieval cooking possess unforgettable taste value. Visit in Gothic Café is a perfect fulfillment of your stay in Malbork's fortress. Here is the place where, by savoring our best dishes and still associating with marvelous gothic architecture & magical atmosphere, You can restore your energy before a few hours long tour around the castle, rest during or after it.

And what is the most important - we always remember about our beloved children

Example Menu

Zupy soup - 10 PLN

  • chicken soup with home-made pasta
  • sour soup with egg, sausage and thyme
  • tomato soup with jasmine rice
  • cucumber cream

Danie główne / first course - 29 PLN

  • Pork chop with steamed cabbage and mashed potato
  • Pork neck with hunters sauce, buckwheat and pickles
  • Chicken breast with lemon souse, vegetable and potato
  • Pork stuffed with figs sauce and potato pancakes
  • Sander on cabbage with grilled tomatoes and pesto

Dania Wegetariańskie / vegetarian dishes - 29 pln

  • Dumplings stuffed with cheese and potatoes, sprinkled with thyme
  • Mix of green salads with smoked salmon and grilled lemon
  • Potato pancakes with sour cream and grilled vegetables
  • Potato salad with horseradish, parsley and pickles
  • Fried rice with vegetables and lemon grass

Desery: 9 PLN

  • cheesecake with a carmel dew
  • Apple pie with a cinnamon crust and icecream
  • Crispy pastries
  • fruit salad with cherry brandy
  • ice cream with a crispy cookiem


  • Kawa 8 PLN/ coffe
  • herbata /tea 6 PLN
  • woda mineralna/ mineral water 5 PLN
  • kompot / ice tea 5 PLN


  • Wino / house wine Bella tavola Bianco or Rosso – 150 ml  15 PLN
  • Wódka/ wodka Bolls, Żołądkowa, Krupnik – 50 ml 9 PLN
  • Piwo/ beer Okocim 0,5 l – 8 PLN

price per person: soup, main course, dessert, coffee or tea, water or ice tea: 50 PLN

  • Kwiaty na stół / flowers-center piece– 80 PLN
  • Świecznik z 5 świecami / candlestick 5 pieces –15 PLN                      
  • Druk Menu – za osobę / menu printing - per person 10 PLN

*Driver and tour guide eat for free.

We recommend Your guests the first cookbook inspired by the Teutonic cuisine. “The cuisine of the Teutonic’s order masters in Malbork castle” includes 50 recipes proposed by Chef Bogdan Gałązka. All recipes are influenced by the scripts archived in Malbork castle. Book is bilingual – Polish and English. Price 39 PLN

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