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Summer Holidays in Poland - Hotel Details: Hotel Bukovina****

Hotel Bukovina****

Hotel Bukovina****- an exclusive Tatra Mountains hotel, situated in beautiful scenery of the Polish mountains, right by thermal swimming pools with which it forms an integral whole.

Its Clients Hotel Spa offer a total of 437 beds (with add-ons) in 152 rooms and suites with mountain view, therein:
• 2 single rooms (with possible add-on)
• 89 double rooms (therein 3 rooms for disabled)
• 35 double rooms Lux
• 20 double rooms Superior
• 5 Suites
• 1 Presidential Suite

Colors and character of the hotel rooms depend on the floor on which it is located. Floors refer with its color to four seasons of the year:
• I Floor – reference to spring – green color
• II Floor – reference to summer – yellow color
• III Floor – reference to autumn – brown color
• IV Floor – reference to winter – blue color – it is the most exclusive floor of the hotel

All rooms are comfortable, elegant, finish with the utmost care, to ensure, that every guest can relax in them, as well as experience a little luxury.

Hotel in Tatra Mountains is situated right by thermal pools and it is one of a kind complex for a year-round recreation for the whole family, in which everyone can find plenty of attraction and unforgettable experiences. In your spare time you will find some fun in a unique Bukovina Club Bar with exquisite view, serving exceptional coffee Kopi Luwak and exclusive alcohols from around the world, Active Bar with healthy food and for connoisseurs – Jazz bar.

In such a modern facility, for improvement of the well-being and biological regeneration, there is also magic Spa center with sauna complex and Jacuzzi.

Bukovina Hotel is also a conventions center, which fulfills the highest European standards, and offers a very modern, fully equipped conference room able to accommodate 600 people, which can be divided into 3 smaller separate rooms. In addition there’s a possibility of providing 3 smaller rooms for intimate business meetings. It is an ideal place for anyone, who wants to carry out training courses for their employees and companies organizing seminars, symposiums etc.

It is worth noting, that guests can taste in hotel restaurant unique, traditional Polish cuisine, served by the best cooks. Among dishes you will naturally find delicacy from “spod samiućkik Tater”.

Hotel Restaurant (110 seats) Level 0

We invite you to a maintained in modern style Hotel Restaurant, where you can taste unique culinary composition of our Chef, as well as relish dainty breakfast from our morning buffet.

The specialty of our cuisine is masterful combination of flavors and dishes, composed in a manner not seen anywhere else. Our Chef Sylwester Lis is renowned proponent and one of the precursors of Fusion Cuisine in Poland, which relies on amending traditional recipes with different type of innovations and combing old recipes with modern culinary trends and techniques.

It all means, that you will be able to try Polish and goralian specialties in a whole new shell or unprecedented flavor compositions. Besides that, thanks to experiences gained by our Chef, we are able to “conjure up” for you every culinary wish imagined.

We invite you for a journey through a world of secret flavors and aromas, which will conjure up for you, our Chef Sylwester Lis with his excellent crew.

Bukovina Club Bar (25 sits) Level 4

Lookout bar is a jewel in the crown of our hotel. It is a small, but exceptional place. Bar is open between 7 and 23, in here you can taste the best coffee, tea, relish splendid alcohols of the world and spend some time in a place, in which time does not matter.

Active bar (50 sits) Level -1

Active Bar is a place for active people, who want to catch their breath after exhausting workout, by ordering healthy snacks and energy drinks: juices from fresh fruits and vegetables or refreshing cocktails. Active bar is located right by VIP SPA zone. Here you will find something for both, body and spirit.

Jazz bar (50 sits) Level -2

Music, wine, whisky, those three words could be the motto of this place. In a small club, to the sounds of piano, you can pick in the best alcohols and fantastic cocktails prepared by our talented bartenders.

Disco and bowling alley (100 sits) Level -2

The best DJs, best drinks, unique atmosphere, there was no such place in Podhale yet. For people who like wild fun and dancing, awaits one of a kind disco, where you can listen to the music and dance, while enjoying refreshing drinks. In March 2011 we put at disposal of our guest, professional 4 lane bowling alley.

We put at your disposal modern SPA & Wellness Center, located in the Hotel and on the premises of Bukowina Thermal Bath.

Our modern Spa Center consists of 16 treatment rooms – including: cabinet for two, massages of the world, face and body rituals based on cosmetics brand Kurland and Dr Babor, aesthetic medicine, innovative slimming programs, renowned pedicure, and manicure salon with excellent brand OPI, exclusive hair salon L’oreal and Kerastase.

Far away from everyday life, rush, and noises of the city, you will find a land of comfort and relaxation, which you’ve never experienced. We will pamper you, using nature’s strengths confined in thermal waters and with wide range of Wellness treatments, based on natural cosmetics, combined with a unique, manual techniques used by professionals of SPA Bukovina.

By combining traditional, thermal water therapeutic methods, appropriately selected treatments in the SPA and unique natural conditions, we provide you maximum effect of the biological regeneration. Our care treatments are based on a natural cosmetic line Kurland and exclusive brand Dr Babor, and massages are harmony of the senses and aromas.

The greatest advantage of Terma SPA is a stay for two and family stays combined with SPA treatments. At the time, when man will benefit from relieving therapeutic massage and explore the secrets of Far Eastern art of relaxation, Ms. is invited to pampering rituals, where she will feel the power of nature, and model the contours of her body, using the power of thalasotherapy, coffee and chocolate, combined with Bukovina thermal waters. At the end, exceptional Hammam massage in the cabinet for two or rest in relax room with salt inhalations. You will also spend some time together in the thermal Jacuzzi or impressive sauna world.

And for children… raspberry aroma back massage and chocolate facial mask. Treatment is designed for children between 8-16 years old and it is performed in the company of caregiver. Treatments for children are performed by women.

We also recommend:
• Impressive sauna world with aromatic perfume séances and Rasoul treatments
• Exceptional fitness professionals and Personal Trainers

Thermal baths
Bukowina Thermal Baths are an entertainment center for the entire family as well as a spa and rehabilitation facility. The thermal complex comprises 12 swimming pools. Water temperature in the pools is maintained within the range of 28-36°C.

We’re open Monday through Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

The concept of "Terma Bukowina Tatrzańska" brought to life

In 2004, Bukowina Geothermal Society purchased from the Treasury the rights to use the borehole and was granted the concession for the output and exploitation of geothermal water from the borehole Bukowina Tatrzańska PIG/PNIG - 1.

"Terma Bukowina Tatrzańska" makes use of thermal water from a borehole situated on the north-western slope of Wysoki Wierch, in the distance of approx. 6 km from the brink of the Tatra Mountains. The hole was supervised and documented by the specialists of the Carpathian Branch of the State Geological Institute in Cracow.

Circulation conditions as well as lithology of the rock environment impact the properties of thermal water. Rain water infiltrating the rocks of the Tatra massif migrate with the speed of several to a dozen or so meters annually northwardly per annum, in the direction of water-bearing strata sinking. Such speeds of underground water flow result in a differentiated time of water contact with rock, which is reflected in the water chemistry.

Thermal water drawn from the borehole in Bukowina Tatrzańska is characterized by the following type of mineralization: sulfate-chlorine-calcium-sodium, amounting to 1,5g/dm3. Due to the specific mineralization, unique composition of microelements and elements, low alkaline character as well as curative water hardness, it is an excellent medicinal and rehabilitative remedy. Important elements contained in the water include:: sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), chlorine (Cl), potassium (K), sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) as well as chromium (Cr).

Water resources
In 2005, the following exploitation parameters of Bukowina Tatrzańska borehole were approved: Q=40,0 m3/h at the depression of 80 m, and temperature of 64,5°C.
Water drawn out from the producing well, transfers energy away in the heat exchangers and swimming pools, then, being additionally cooled down, it is carried away to the brook Poroniec, flowing nearby.

Based on the results of hydrodynamic numerical modeling, it is believed that the exploitation of Bukowina Tatrzańska producing well will not cause depletion of the disposable resources of the Podhale region basin.

Curative properties
Bathing in thermal water mineralized like this, influences organism in a very beneficial manner. It improves especially mental comfort, decreases stress, stabilizes nervous system thanks to which it restores peace of mind and improves overall psychophysical condition as well as protects against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases among others. Also, it eliminates heart diseases, stabilizes pulse, cures the cardiovascular system diseases, reduces obesity and even eliminates sleeplessness.

Additionally, this type of water regenerates body’s hormone management, substantially enhancing metabolism, helps with head and joint aches as well as definitely accelerates recovery after underwent medical procedures and diseases.

In a word, taking baths regularly in the thermal swimming pools in Bukowina Tatrzańska will improve our psychophysical condition and as a result it will influence our lifestyle and longevity.

Parish of Bukowina Tatrzanska – it is one of the most interesting and highest located Polish regions. Within its borders are situated, among others Rysy (2499 m ASL), Morskie Oko, Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich, Wielka Siklawa. About 30% of the parish’s area is occupied by Tatra National Park, and crystal clear Białka – only alpine type river in Poland – divides the parish in tow ethnographic regions: Spisz (villages: Czarna Góra, Rzepiska, jurgów) and Podhale (villages: Białka Tatrzańska, Brzegi, Leśnica, Groń and Bukowina Tatrzańska). Their individuality is easily recognizable – culture, tradition, national outfit, language.

From Bukowina Tatrzanska you can see whole Tatra range, which runs from east to west. In the straight line, it has 56 km of length and 17 km of width, from Jar Kwaczanski and Hucianska Przełecz in the west to Tatrzanska Kotlina and Zdziarska Przelecz in the east, covering and area of about 1400 km2. Reaching to 2655 m ASL, the highest peak is Gerlach, which lies on the side of Slovakia. Carving of the Tatras and Skalne Podhale is the result of its geological past, effect of erosion and tectonic factors. Steep mountains walls, valleys, numerous lakes and ponds (over 100) are the remnants of, existing here thousands years age, glaciers, which together with surface waters, weathering of rocks and climatic conditions have evolved into today’s varied mountain landscape. It is full of smooth hills and at the same time wildly ragged peaks, separated by beautiful valleys, deep ravines and gullies.

Tatra National Park in the south borders with Slovakian national park, with which it forms International Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO).

In some of the villages – such as Czarna Góra, you can enjoy other mountains ranges: Gorce with Turbacz, Pieniny, Trzy Korony and Babia Góra.

The great attraction of the parish is living folklore – in the villages folk bands are performing and in Bukowina Tatrzanska, in Dom Ludowy (the biggest wooden building in Poland) – great folklore parties are held: Highlander Carnival in winter and Sabałowe Bajania in summer.
Within the parish are two border crossings to Slovakia and reserve Przełom Białki, in the closest vicinity – city Zakopane, dam in Niedzica, run-off Dunajec, Nowy Targ with its famous fairs and airport (possibility of skydiving).









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