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Summer Holidays in Poland Testimonials

What can be more honest than the testimony of people who had previously never heard of Sunshine World? Like you they didn't KNOW what to expect. Here's what last winter's guests had to say at the end of their holidays:

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Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! So much fun in so little time. This experience will stick in mine and Monet’s memory forever. You are all fantastic! Love Jessica x”
Jessica Huie 12.05 – Max Clifford Associates PR

PROMISES DELIVERED!!! Plus so much more… Great instruction, great company and the food was splendid (ask James his nickname is now Oliver Twist!) I can honestly say that I’ve had one of the best holidays ever and can’t wait to come back.
Best of luck in 2006 love Yvonne x”
Yvonne Brown 12.05

“Jan 2006 5 – 14th.
Guys, thanks so much! Had an amazing time- you’ve got it well sorted. Jonathan”

Great team, great product. You boys will go far.”
John Hill Editor + Pubisher, The Good Ski Guide 01.06

“Alan and the boys
Many thanx
Great hols
C U next year!
Sean Davis 02.06

“Ous Boi. Have had an excellent week staying here, not only on the snowboard but out on the p**s in town as well. I think you’re all brilliant guys especially Dan + James. Alan, thanks for teaching me how to snowboard. I never thought I would do it so well in just one week. See you all next season! Chris (Littlepants) Ps Tomasz is also a cool guy”
Chris Hogben 01.06

“Sick holiday. Bye bye. Will miss all your company + skiing. Will see you next year + keep in touch in the meantime. Thanks for everything. Love Susie xxxx”
Susannah Foulerton 01.06

“SUNSHINE WORLD TEAM, Thanks so much for this amazing holidays! That’s the way: A few beers + skiing = Ground! Hope to see you again… Muito Obrigado (Portugese) Reinaldo”
Reinaldo Morgado 01.06

“I never thought I’d be able to ski but thanks to you guys I feel like Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards! Thanks a million! See you all next year. Stu”
Stuart Glover 01.06

“Fellas, thanks for taking me from startled rabbit to vicious snow squirrel via snowplough, flaming cocktails and earplugs- what a ride! See you soon. Love Patrick”
Patrick Hussain 01.06

Guys. Crazy Funny guys! Nice to be here this lovely week. I had too much fun. Hope to see you again. Happy New Year. Keep going like this- maybe it’s a bit more professional to have a properly nice business. Thanks Julio (Brazil)”
Julio Godoy 01.06

Great team, great product. You boys will go far.”
John Hill Editor + Pubisher, The Good Ski Guide 01.06

To sum up a Sunshine World Holiday in one word can’t be done, but the closest word to it has to be “legendary”.
With an all star cast of MTV Jackass to Darth Vader and Pussy Galore, the rating is mind blowing, and every minute will be breath taking. “Obstacles are what you see when you take your mind off of the goal” and with the level of instruction and confidence boosting that has been provided there has never been any obstacles. Time to hit those black runs and off piste like a rat out of a trap for one last time before hitting the countdown to our next trip. Bring on 2007. Best of luck dude with everything and don’t forget to “get your ass up in the air”
Cheers Chief Mark aka Pussy!

Sunshine World is living proof dreams exist so don’t ever stop dreaming.”
Mark “Corky” Rhodes – British Sailing Coach ( 01.06
“Sunshine World, Zakopane 2006

“I’m loving it”
All the best to Alan and the boys, see you in 2007
Richie P.”
Richard Pedelty 01.06

“To Sunshine World Team,
Thanks for an amazing holiday. Too many highlights to mention. Can’t believe made it down that black run… (expert tuition!)
What a buzz this sport is def. gonna keep it up and plan to come back and send it harder next year.
Keep on rockin (try not to kill yourself Alan!)
C U next year Andrew - (Hula Ninja)”
Andrew Pedelty 01.06

We Came
We Saw
And we HAD IT hard.”
Pete and Steve, Editors, World Snowboard Guide 01.06

“Thank you for a fab week it’s been great! I am really annoyed that we were only out for a week, needed a month! Boarding was great plus skiing. Thanx. It was great seeing bro 2. Love ya all, Shelley”
Shelley Pink 01.06

“To the Sunshine World Team,
Cheers for the good time + teaching me to ski. Cya in the future, Ryan and Grant”
Ryan King 01.06

“To Alan, Dan + James,
Thanks for a great week in the “Sunshine” Wicked time, great snow. Oooooh the Vodka and the ladies were fun!! Keep up the good work I’m sure we will meet again!
Keep in touch.
Jim Hoey”
James Hoey- International DJ 02.06

“Alan + Co
Cheers for a great time, learnt loads- keep persevering”
“28.01.06 – 04.02.06
Alan, Had a great week. Did more skiing in 1 week than I have done in the last 2 years. Great stuff. Shame about the crash!
ALL THE BEST Mark Evans”

Mark Evans 02.06

“28th January – 4th February 2006
“What a Holiday” I have boarded more KM in one week than in last 3YRS. The board down from the cable car was out of this world off piste through the trees was fantastic. The holiday would not have been the same without the instruction from Alan, James, Dan and Tony and all the help from Tomasz with the language.
Well done all thanks for a great week.
Darren Boyd- Brighton (Manchester)”
Darren Boyd 02.06

Thanks for the great holiday – It did exactly what it said on the tin. You have a great team in Dan, Tomasz and James. Look after them and they will look after you. Look forward to coming back next year for a repeat performance.